Member Types

Affiliate Membership

To become an affiliated member society, your organization must be a state, provincial, regional or a national organisation whose members engage in clinical, research or teaching of some aspect of audiology.

Affiliates membership requirements include:

  1. Recognized by the ISA as an organization with members engaged in some aspect of audiology. 
  2. Two members of your association registered with the ISA as full members.
  3. Displaying the ISA logo on your website website.
  4. Appointing a representative to interact with the ISA board and community manager.
  5. Nominating a representative to sit on the ISA executive board.
  6. Voting for the Affiliate representative.
  7. Participating in the Global Audiology initiative. 
  8. Affiliate membership is free.

Premium Affiliate Membership

A Premium Affiliate Member is a new category that was introduced during 2021. This is a paid membership which allows you to offer your members with selected benefits such as access to the International Journal of Audiology, publishing your events on the ISA website, circulating relevant information  to the ISA members

Your organization must meet the Affiliate membership criteria before the ISA will consider Premium membership.

The fees payable are based in USD and payable annually by your organization to the ISA as follows:

If your membership is less than 500 an amount of $1 per member is payable per year. For example if you have 400 members, your organization will pay $400 as a once off fee for your members to obtain the benefits for 12 months. if your membership exceeds 500 your organization will pay $2 per member per year. 

Contact the ISA community manager George Dempster by e-mail for more details.

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